June 4, 2012 Pentecost – the eighth day

We believe that the words of faith – the words of many peoples in many languages —  speak on, not just on the festival day but on all the days that we journey together. So we share these words. Some of them have come from the book Gifts in Open Hands: More Worship Resources for the Global Community (ed Tirabassi and Eddy, The Pilgrim Press, 2011) and some are new prayers, liturgical resources and poems written by some of the one hundred and forty-seven contributors representing forty-three countries who are included in this anthology.

Every one of us needs a blessing!

Bendición ternura de Madre

Que el Dios de la Vida,
sea tu guía en el camino de cada día,
sea tu refugio en momentos de inseguridad
y sea tu descanso en tiempos de fatiga.
Que el Dios de la Vida,
te fortalezca cuando te sientas débil,
te consuele cuando estés triste
y te abrace cuando te sientas sola.
Que el Dios de la Vida,
que te quiere y te conoce,
te cubra con su ternura de Madre.
Por siempre.

Benediction of a mother’s tenderness

May the God of Life,
be your guide on the road every day,
be your refuge in times of uncertainty,
and be your rest in times of fatigue.
May the God of Life,
strengthen you when you feel weak,
comfort you when you feel sad
and hug you when you feel alone.
May the God of Life,
who loves you and knows you,
cover you with the tenderness of a Mother.

Gerardo Oberman, Argentina

If you would like to purchase a copy of Gifts in Open Hands, please go here.

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