June 28, 2012 – the thirty-second day since Pentecost

On this last June posting I simply ask … who will you hand a flower? … whose flower is waiting for your hand? This reflection from China is by Shen Ben (Judy).

This story happened on a self-study course in my high school. I studied hard in the quiet classroom. Suddenly, my friend who sat at the same table began to talk with a boy. I said to her: don’t speak! Just study! She said sorry and stopped. After a little time, they began to talk again. And they talked happily and loudly. I was very angry. So I lifted my hand and knocked the table ferociously. Her face became red. After class, she said sorry again. But I said nothing to her. In the evening, she brought a flower to my bedroom. She said,: please forgive me and receive my love and flower… Then she held me in her arms.

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