July 12, 2012 — the forty-sixth day since Pentecost

Find joy … turn to scripture and some words from Gerardo Oberman of Argentina …

We played the flute but you did not dance; sang sad songs but you did not cry
Luke 7:32 Luke 7: 24-35 b Lucas 7,24-35

Today I made the sun, as every morning,
to advertise the warmth of my presence,
to caress your window on waking,
to accompany the way of your work.
But, you said the sun was very strong.
Then I sent the rain to water your hopes
and to renew your strength
and give you the joy of a day without sunshine.
But you complain about the inconvenience
because your clothes are wet
and you might be late for your commitments.
I stopped the downpour,
peeked through the clouds and the rainbow
for what happened in “our agreement”
Do you remember?

Now when your kids have asked you to look at the sky,
you say you have no time for these things.
You know? Sometimes I do not understand …
I wish, sometimes,
you’d quit complaining about everything
and realize that life has wonderful things
that call out for your thanks.
And to live is much more
than what you are calling a life.
I came that they might life,
to be able to live abundantly.
Look, I’m playing the flute,
I’d be enchanted if you’d dance with me.

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