A Long Collect for a Dark Night

Sometimes “off” the schedule of these postings I need to share a prayer. It is for folks in the United States, especially for those in Colorado. Those in the rest of the world, we ask your prayers …

God of the movies
who loves all the brave (and the red-haired) …
and has been frequently known as an avenger
(with the motley disciples to prove it) …

who delights in marigolds,
young people who try to make a go of something new
and old ones who don’t let go of living …

who touches moonrise with a finger
and loves as kingdom-people
many who run away from the ordinary
or hang fiercely holding one another
in a grip of love
from all our broken steeples,

you were there at the midnight in Aurora
when everything turned upside down
and death came out of the script
and into our lives.
You doubled over with the gas,
felt the first shot,
and every one that followed.

Be now with those who mourn,
close family and those who just put flowers
by the multiplex wall,
with the wounded and their doctors and surgeons,
nurses and relatives and friends.
Be with ticket takers and sellers of popcorn
afraid to go to work,
police and FBI agents easing clenched shoulders
from  unwinding
the last explosive device,
and everyone everywhere who thinks –
“Why didn’t I see it coming?”

May we always find you in the dark,
a comfort in night terrors,
and the source of all our rising. Amen.

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6 Responses to A Long Collect for a Dark Night

  1. Todd Jenkins says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Hear our prayers, O Lord!

  2. Diane Karr says:

    Thank you for praying with us, Maren, for voicing our unspoken prayers, and for reminding us of God’s nature and presence amidst these so ungodly acts in our world.

    • Maren says:

      You are welcome, Diane. I,like you, think about how often our young people attend the midnight openings of movies with that sense of joy and excitement.I think of them sitting in the dark, vulnerable …

  3. Karen says:

    This was shared during our Bereavement time at a hospice where I work, by one of the chaplains. We were all very touched. Thank you.

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