The fifty-seventh day since Pentecost

Heather Kelly writes a psalm about Lake Wakitipu in the southern part of the South Island of Aotearoa / New Zealand. Summer visitors enjoy Wakitipu in the heat as well as the other lakes and the rivers in the vicinity, the orchards and vineyards, the spectacular mountain views and all the activities one expects in such a place, including jet boating the rivers and bungee jumping from amazing places. The Wakitipu Basin and surrounding craggy mountains  — the nearest range is called the “Remarkables” — provide ski fields in Winter.

Heather was thrilled to able to stay in a house dedicated to providing accommodation for people with disabilities. She can walk only with a frame, so steep streets and rocky shorelines can’t be negotiated, but there is much refreshment and joy. She names as double happiness being in such a beautiful environment and the fulfillment of writing creatively about the experience.

Psalm of the Wakitipu

Almighty God, you were with me in my return to the Wakitipu.
You refreshed me with vision of mountains, peaks and hills.
You touched me with the river that is the lake of the giant,
with the blossoms and the birds of the air.
You thrilled me with jet planes and God-incidence.
You took me in safety through places where violence occurs.
You gave me helpful people and a secure lodging in which to rest.
Even when traffic was difficult and steps impossible,
You kept me in your care.
I felt no fear for I knew You with me, night and day.
You made it possible for me to be re-created
by vision, by speech, by taste, by touch and by insight.
I was nourished by your goodness and I know that You
Creator, Son and Spirit,
are the Mystery in whose Energy, Life and Love I survive.
A. Heather Kelly.

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