Sixtieth day since Pentecost

Lancelot Muteyo, a remarkable poet and peace activist from Zimbabwe is featured in the book Gifts in Open Hands. He has sent this poem written to be performed and shared this weekend at Artists for the Environment in Harare. Below the poem is a brief description of the event and the mission and a few pictures.

Dance my daughter

Cry, beloved Africa, Cry my daughters of Zion.
I mourn and lament for the great forests.
Which have now become pale shadows.
Destroyed by forces of capitalism and greedy.

Africa, a land which once stood the sacred forces of the forests.
When wild beasts used to talk with our great ancestors.
Like Adam and Eve everyday in the garden of Eden.
Cry, beloved Africa, Cry my daughters of Zion.

Africa my daughter, what happened to your beauty and Jerusarema dances?
We made coalitions and  ambushed you and sold you for a pair of sandals.
and you stopped dancing my daughter.
We lost your unconditional love.
I mourn the days when the forests gave refuge to the sojourners.
and heal, Thank you Jesus, the African toddlers.

Yes, I will say it LOUD in my rich Shona language!
Ndinotya mweya watakufema nekuda kwemakaro.
(I mourn for  the bad  air that we are breathing because of greedy)
Alas, the Lord is saying I will not completely destroy you my beloved Africa.
The stump of Jesse is my hope, keep dancing my daughter.
There are over seventy prophets who have not bowed down.
Bowed down to the Baal Zebub spirit of demolition.

My daughter, we have heard the call.
You have now become naked and bare breasted.
Look my daughter, you are now bare footed.
Like Isaiah who walked the streets of Jerusalem barefooted and naked.
You cannot dance naked my daughter!
But we shall not stand aloof and cry!
Today we will clothe you.

My daughter, what is in our hands is not enough for food.
We shall instead plant a seed for you Africa.
Though it is like a mustard seed.
We know that it is the promise of a forest.
Continue dancing my beloved African daughter.

My Africa, my daughter, there is still hope.
My daughter I  will not tire till I see you properly clothed.
Send me oh Jesus,
I accept!
So that one day I will be remembered,
As a soldier who brought back Eden in Africa!
In Jesus mighty name I pray,

Lancelot Muteyo
Green Environ Zimbabwe
Emmanuel Baptist Church Harare Zimbabwe

This is the event this weekend:

Green Environ Zimbabwe is an autonomous entity under Emmanuel Baptist Church Warren Park One Harare. Its mainly involved in environmental preservation and conservation, waste management and water,sanitation and hygiene programs. It was founded in 2011 by Rev, Dr C.H Chiromo the Founding and Senior Pastor  in 2011. So far we have planted more than 4 000 trees, conducted 20 training workshops, set up five plant and tree nurseries. We have a properly managed waste management system which operates in Warren Park, Rugare and Westlea residential suburbs.  We have worked with many different organisation including Forestry Commission, Environmental Management Agency, Action Pals, Mukuvisi Woodlands, UNICEF, CONNECT-ZIST, Nyaradzo Funeral Services, schools, churches and the community.

You are cordially invited  to ARTISTS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT program, Saturday, 28 July 2012. The artists will be performing from Warren Park Traffic Lights to Kuwadzana Flyover along Bulawayo Road. The grand stage will be the Warren Park Traffic Circle (Roundabout) on the Warren Park D and Westlea turn-offs  and Mannex and the Mofamilee Band will be the center of attraction. Activities will include replanting trees, watering trees, collecting litter and removing posters and lots of entertainment from the artists. We meet at 0900hrs at Emmanuel Baptist Church Warren Park One along Bulawayo Road. The theme is “Every seed is a promise of a forest and every artist is a promise of the future”

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