Sixty-fourth day since Pentecost

I first met Detlev Knoche at the Conference Annual Meeting of the New York Conference of the United Church of Christ where he brought greetings from the Evangelische Kirche in Hessen and Nassau. Detlev’s passion for ecumenism has led him to forge relationships for his German denomination in India, Indonesia and South Korea. Detlev sent me a prayer for the book Gifts in Open Hands. It is a prayer for Midday. There are morning prayers and evening prayers, he explained, but it is in the middle of the day that people — in cubicles or on construction sites or chasing toddlers — need to seek renewal and blessing.
Here is his prayer, first in German, then in English.

Prayer for Midday

Wir beten:

Gott, in der Mitte des Tages
sammeln wir unsere Gedanken.
Wir denken an dich.

Wenn wir Hunger haben
auf halbem Weg,
bist du da
und stärkst uns.

Auf den Durststrecken mitten am Tag bist du da,
erfrischst uns
und trägst uns weiter.

Wir legen dir die Menschen ans Herz, die uns lieb sind.
Sei mit ihnen.
Sei mit allen, denen etwas fehlt. Amen!

Let’s pray:

God, in the middle of the day
we gather our thoughts.
We think of you.

When we become weary
half way through the day,
you are there
to strengthen us.

When we are filled with longing
in the midst of our tasks,
you are there to refresh us
and carry us on.

We bring our loved ones before you. Be with them.
Be with all those, who are in need. Amen!

If you would like to purchase a copy of Gifts in Open Hands, please go here.

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