Seventy-eighth evening since Pentecost … Vesper Words

Today there are some resources from three continents for evening prayer. Choose one or more of these pieces for your own reflection before sleep or for your community of faith.


Gathering Words from Lynne Frith, Aotearoa/New Zealand:

One: In all times and all places, your name, O God, is echoed far.
All: Holy is your name.
One: In many sounds and in many languages, your name, O God, is echoed far.
All: Holy is your name.
One: In sorrow and in delight, in despair and in hope, your name, O God, is echoed far.
All: Holy is your name.
One: In darkness and in light, your name, O God, is echoed far.
All: Holy is your name.
One: As the night draws near, and we prepare for rest, your name, O God, is echoed far.
All: Holy is your name.
One: In silence, and in stillness, we bring ourselves into the presence of the Holy One.

( silence)

Your name, O God, is echoed far.
All: Holy is your name
One: May our thoughts, our words, and all that we do with our lives be an acceptable and living sacrifice to the one whose name is echoed far. Amen.

Opening Prayer from Jae Hyung Cho, Korea
(repeat several times from a loud voice to soft voice or in several voices or with music behind the speaking voice)

Dear God, open my heart,
Fill me with your spirit,
Holy Spirit, come upon me now!

Dear God, open my heart,
Fill me with your wisdom,
Holy Spirit, forgive me with your grace!

Dear God, open my heart,
Fill me with your love,
Holy Spirit, transform me into wholeness!

Poem for a Summer Evening from Robin List, Aotearoa/NewZealand:

The Gleaners

In the time between
the baler`s thump
and the lifter`s rattle
In the spaces
between the bales
the gleaners claim
their ancient right.

In this evening moment
of butterscotch light
there is peace between tribes.
Plover will sift straw with starling
finch will peck beside thrush.
They shall not hurt or destroy
in all my holy field.

Closing Prayer from Gerardo Oberman, Argentina:

En el silencio del día que se despide,
buscamos tu presencia, O Dios.
Venimos a darte gracias
por tu cuidado y tu compañía.
Y también a pedirte perdón
por los olvidos, los errores
y los dolores causados a nuestros semejantes.
Queremos rogarte que,
al fin de la jornada,
calmes las olas de nuestras ansiedades
y que nos permitas el reposo
que el cuerpo y el alma necesitan.
Hemos avanzado en el camino,
nos hemos esforzado en la marcha,
y ahora necesitamos
que calmes nuestra sed,
que alimentes nuestro espíritu,
que nutras nuestra vida,
que sostengas nuestra fe,
que nos señales un lugar de descanso.
Mañana el día traerá
desafíos nuevos.
También allí de pedimos
que nos esperes
para andar juntos el sendero,
para no perder el rumbo,
para buscar, de tu mano,
el amanecer de la justicia,
el sol de la solidaridad,
la alegría de los encuentros,
un horizonte de plenitud,
la vida de verdad.
Que el soplo apacible de tu Espíritu
vele nuestro sueño
y nos invite, mañana,
a servirte, a seguirte y a amarte
en todo y en todos. Amen

or in English

In the silence of the departing day,
we seek your presence, oh God.
We come to give you thanks
for your care and your companionship.
And also, to beg your forgiveness
for those things still left undone, for our mistakes,
and for the pain we’ve caused our fellow beings.
We beg you that, at the end of this work day,
you calm the waves of our anxiety
and permit us the repose
that both body and soul require.
We have moved along on the road,
we have exerted ourselves on the march,
and now we need you
to quench our thirst,
to feed our spirit,
to nourish our life,
to sustain our faith,
to show us a place of rest.
Tomorrow the new day will bring
new challenges.
We ask you, God, to wait for us there,
so that we may walk with you on the path
and not lose the way;
so that we may seek, by your hand,
the dawn of justice,
the sun of solidarity,
the joy of human encounters,
a horizon of plenty,
the life of truth.
May the gentle breath of your spirit
watch over our sleep
and may you invite us, tomorrow,
to serve, to follow you and to love you
in everything and in everyone. Amen.

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