Eighty-one days of Pentecost — Zimbabwe Artists for the Environment

Several weeks ago Lance Muteyo offered an invitation to Artists for the Environment in Harare, Zimbabwe. After the event he sent some photos. I share them below and it seems appropriate to see them in the context of Allen Myrick’s re-psalming …

Call to Worship from Africa  (Psalm 104)

Praise be to God, who is very great!
You are clothed in honor and majesty.

Praise be to God, who set the earth on its foundations.

You raised the mountains of Africa
and spread out the valleys below.

You fill them with zebra and elephant, impala and giraffe.
You make the rivers flow, full of fish, hippo and crocodile.

You provide rain for the crops, sun’s rays that they may grow,
grain and fruit in abundance.

Your children dwell in village and town;
they walk the dusty roads and till their fields,
they toil in factory and mine.

They seek justice and hunger for peace
and long for equity among the nations.

O God, how many are your works,
in wisdom you have made them all!
Praise be to God!
Allen Myrick, USA and Zimbabwe

Green Environ Zimbabwe –“A health nation is a wealth nation”

Artists for the Environment Event in Harare

Green Environ Zimbabwe is an autonomous entity under Emmanuel Baptist Church Warren Park One Harare. Its mainly involved in environmental preservation and conservation, waste management and water,sanitation and hygiene programs. It was founded in 2011 by Rev, Dr C.H Chiromo the Founding and Senior Pastor  in 2011. So far we have planted more than 4 000 trees, conducted 20 training workshops, set up five plant and tree nurseries. We have a properly managed waste management system which operates in Warren Park, Rugare and Westlea residential suburbs.

Lance Muteyo calls this “Dance”

We have worked with many different organisations including Forestry Commission, Environmental Management Agency, Action Pals, Mukuvisi Woodlands, UNICEF, CONNECT-ZIST, Nyaradzo Funeral Services, schools, churches and the community.

We  had one of the most successful programs on Saturday 28 July 2012. We were maintaining trees, replanting destroyed trees and collecting litter at the Bulawayo Road islands and Warren Park Traffic circle. We managed to cover an area between Warren Park Traffic Lights to Kuwadzana Flyover. The program was mainly centred on perfoming artists making a voice for the environment. The theme was “Every seed is a promise of a forest and every artist is a promise of the future”   We are grateful to our partners who participated who included Nyaradzo Funeral Services, Environmental Management Agency, Magaraba Help the Nation Trust, Hard Mashona Arts, City Council of Harare Department of Parks, Gifts in Open Hands,  the community, churches and other artists.

Lance calls this photo “push” You can see why!

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