Improv on Exodus 3

So often I add a piece of my own to this blog on one of the “off-days” … not-Mondays, not-Thursdays, in response to the breaking news, the news we cannot let break us. This morning, it’s scripture — “olds,” not news … and maybe even older.

Improv on Exodus 3

Before the ten commandments,
before the dance with the tambourines,
before the plagues,

before any particular religion
and a name for God

(after all, the Japanese, Nepalese,
most people who eventually built mosques,
must have heard it, too.)

There was the barefoot directive —
take off your shoes

and touch it –
the earth under your
(not somebody else’s) feet,
this ground, bush, fire.

I’m talking to you –
not because of your impressive brain,
compassionate heart,
not the beautiful singing voice,
rippling muscles, spiritual depth,
perfect complexion, long hair.

You with the toes,
are you listening?

This is the holy moment.

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