September 10, 2012 One hundred and six Pentecost days — choices from Qatar

Mario Dekker of Qatar offers a poem of choices … choices for justice and compassion … choices in a contemporary world.

Consider the choices he offers and why he does so. Could you also create a poem that placed before others the choices you see in front of you?
(Our translation is a little rough here. Please forgive.)

Words and not bullets
Hands for working and fewer words
Books and not TV
Fresh air and not smog
Smiles and not tears
Pro-active and not reactive
Fresh water and not drought
Flowers and not thorns

Hugs instead of fights
Friendship instead of indifference
Mutual respect instead of solitary pride
Forgiveness instead of revenge

Health from within and not prescriptions
Community where there is sadness
Warmth beyond cold hands
Light to see in shadows
Responsibility instead of forgetfulness
Punctuality instead of excuses
Music in the place of silence

Silence in the place of uproar and racket
Landscapes of creation more than malls
Parent time more than daycare hours
Letters that touch more than cell calls
Freedom beyond all slavery

Color and not shades of gray
Sports and not games
Progress and not waiting
Walking and not stagnation
Growth and not regulation
Love and not Grievances
Living and not killing
Creativity and not draining routine
Believing and not becoming lost

Mario writes …
… We understand that there is so much to offer each other and yet much that we should not give. Indeed, there is much we should unlearn. Everything we do affects the growth and enrichment of our neighbors. If we truly learn to live we will realize that giving results in receiving – all is mutual. … What can we give? What hidden treasures do we not show to others? Let us begin. We choose some things on this list and begin to give them without counting the cost.

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