One-hundred-thirteen Pentecost days — World Communion Sunday Resources

Today and on this coming Thursday there will be resources for World Communion Sunday celebrated this year on October 7. Please feel free to send some of your own resources for this celebration If you would like to purchase a copy of Gifts in Open Hands, please go here.

A Litany of Hope and Connection for World Communion Sunday by Frances A. Bogle of the United States written after a visit to China

One:   In a world of difference God reminds us that we are deeply alike.

All:     We seek sustenance on bowls of rice and loaves of bread.

One:   We laugh when lotus flowers bloom and autumn leaves dance in the wind.

All:     We eat with knives and forks and chopsticks and remember that there are people                              who have no food.

One:    We celebrate new friendships and the ties of love that connect us across the globe.

All:       We weep when the suffering of our sisters and brothers becomes real for us.

One:     We hope for a world of peace and justice for all of creations and remember that…

All:       We are God’s strong back and work weary arms.

One:     We are God’s callused hands and muscled legs.

All:        Through us, with us, God loves and suffers, laughs and cries.

One:      God calls all us to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with God.

All:        God calls us to be God’s Co-creative partners in the redemptive work of justice.

One:       United in faith, working in love, we are the hope for the world.

All:         God is with us through it all. We are not alone. Amen.

From Gordon Piesse of Aotearoa (New Zealand) is a hymn for world Communion Sunday

All People, Come

All people spread across the Earth
sing to our God with awesome mirth;
serve in the Light with hand and voice;
come now with us, learn to rejoice.

O sense the Mind behind the World:
see the great Maker’s flag unfurled.
We are the flock God wants to feed;
but others also are in need.

Let’s enter then the Sphere of Grace,
and learn to serve God all our days,
in deeds and words, in works and ways:
through trials learn to dance in praise!
Tune: “Old 100th” Psalm, in G♭

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