Blessed are those people with disabilities — Beatitudes for all from Argentina

These beatitudes for all people that name the blessings of those with disabilities are from Argentina. There is a translation in English that follows the Spanish. For some of you this may be an introduction to the remarkable liturgical gifts of Red Crearte which regularly shares worship resources based in Latin America online. I have been following them for the last five years. Google Translate can provide an immediate, mechanical (and often humorous) translation to your language, one which you would never want to use  … but which is enough to allow you to decide to seek a clearer translation either from a Spanish-speaking friend or, as I have done here, to reply and ask for a translation.

Bienaventuranzas de las personas con discapacidad Por Norberto Rasch

Bienaventurados los que entienden que aunque mis ojos brillan,
mi mente es lenta para comprender.
Bienaventurados los que saben que mis oídos tienen
que esforzarse para comprender lo que oyen.
Bienaventurados los que no se escandalizan por mi extraño paso
al caminar o por mis manos torpes.
Bienaventurados aquellos que con la luz de sus ojos
no generan tropiezo a mi andar.
Bienaventurados aquellos que, cuando edifican,
contemplan TODAS las necesidades
Bienaventurados los que comprenden que aunque no puedo hablar,
mi corazón les dice cuánto les amo.
Bienaventurados los que me aceptan como soy y no como ellos quisieran que fuera.

Bienaventurados los que, cuando mis posibilidades se acaban,
luchan por mis derechos.
Bienaventurados los que aquietan su rápido andar y caminan junto a mí.
Bienaventurados los que me describen los pájaros, el color de las flores
y me ayudan a imaginar la extensión del mar.
Bienaventurados los que comparten conmigo la Mesa del Señor,
pues comprenden que yo también estoy en presencia del Salvador.
Bienaventurados los que me permiten que ore por ellos,
pues estoy seguro que Dios también me escucha.
Bienaventurados los que con su amor y sus cuidados me acompañaron
en mi peregrinar al gran encuentro con Dios.
Bienaventurados los que me incluyen en su canto

(aunque desafino bastante).
Bienaventurados los que comprenden que cuando
se unen las manos y las voluntades,las utopías son alcanzables.
En el amanecer de un nuevo día, muchos lo están haciendo
y eso alegra mi corazón.

Blessed are those people with disabilities – Norberto Rasch (Argentina)

Translation: Roberto Jordan (UK)

Blessed are those that understand that even as my eyes sparkle,
my mind is slow to understand.
Blessed are those that know that my ears have to make an effort
to understand what they hear.
Blessed are those that are not scandalized
by my strange way of walking or my clumsy hands.
Blessed are those who, with the light of their eyes
don’t cause stumbling to my walking.
Blessed are those who when building, contemplate ALL needs.
Blessed are those that understand that even if I can’t talk,
my heart tells them how much I love them.
Blessed are those that accept me as I am and not the way they’d like me to be.
Blessed are those who, when my possibilities have come to an end,
struggle for my rights.
Blessed are those who walk slowly and so walk with me.
Blessed are those who describe the birds, colours of the flowers
and help me imagine the dimension of the sea.
Blessed are those who share the Lord’s Table with me,
because they understand that I too am in the presence of the Saviour.
Blessed are those who allow me to pray for them,
because I am sure God listens to me as well.
Blessed are those who with their love and care
accompany me on my pilgrimage to the great encounter with God.
Blessed are those who include me in their singing
(even though I am always off-key).
Blessed are those who understand that when we join hands and desires,
utopias can be reached.
In the sunrise of a new day, there are many who are doing,
and this gladdens my heart.

·Licencia Creative Commons Atribución 2.5 Argentina

© 2004 Red Crearte

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3 Responses to Blessed are those people with disabilities — Beatitudes for all from Argentina

  1. celeste says:

    Amen. Blessed be.

  2. This is really lovely, lovely, and nice to know about Red Create. Thanks!

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