Invitation to Prayer for Access Sunday

Invitation to Prayer

Close your eyes; reach out your hand.
Imagine a white cane in your hand.
It is as smooth as a psalm,
with a grip as never-let-go
as childhood bedtime words.
The tip is Amen –
Amen to everything you are,
and everything your life touches.

This is the white cane of prayer.

Tap forward
feel the edges of what you need to pray.

When you stand before crossings and crosses,
know that you are safe.

Feel your way, listen your way,
walk your way into God.

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5 Responses to Invitation to Prayer for Access Sunday

  1. revfelicity says:

    I love the prayers you write – they really touch me.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you, Felicity, I like to post occasionally myself on the off days. Thank you for your “complicated versus complex” post, which was very helpful … and then the flowers lifting my spirits when all around me is heading to winter. I am sending prayers for your son.

  2. Beautiful prayer, Maren. Thanks for it.

  3. rezrevres says:

    Really Maren, only one word is adequate “WOW!”

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