Seasons change, time passes, reflection from Chile

Elena Huegel from Chile shares this image of the changing of seasons.

Perfect Time

Water falls from the ledge,
Cascading rhythm.
Marking time, pacing life,
Upstream, downstream.
Flowing shower, rainbow maker.

Sunshine splinters, renegade drops
That glitter on leaves, flowers, ferns
And plunge roaring into the depths
Where waves pulse the shore
Dancing to the tune
Of your perfect time.

Summer flower birthed from the spring button
Warmth and light call forth the brilliance
Of budding synchronized with the season’s race.
Opened glory, exuberant joy
Dying slowly as winter comes round the bend.
Life is too short to mourn or grieve,
Death’s an instant in eternity
When the petals drop to earth,
Each one departing with the wind,
Each good-bye foretells the welcome
Of your perfect time.

If water measures in ebb and flow,
If seasons follow the spinning earth,
If flowers bloom and wither in a moment,
If stars, moon, and sun cling opposite on the merry-go-round,
If clouds swing by holding hands with the breeze,
If children skip and hop to each day of birth,
If each of these tells time within God’s mind,
Then how do seconds fill infinity

And do years become of age?
What clock ticks with the fidelity
Of your perfect time?

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