Improv on Psalm 150 — for all my musician friends

Psalm 150

Praise God in the sanctuary …
OK. Let’s get real!

Praise God with the choice of music –
with music that challenges
and the sweet familiar fall-back
when all the tenors have flu,
and the kind response to the ninety-five year old
who wants to hear “Brother James’Air.”

Praise God, of course, with praise band
and dance choir, Sign and bells,
children’s choirs, clavinova and U2charist …
but also praise God mostly with my heart open
to somebody else’s playlist.

Praise God with the rehearsal
that’s hard, engaging and exciting,
and the rehearsal when nothing happens
but comforting a member with a bad diagnosis,
and the rehearsal
when everyone’s trying a little too hard
to welcome the transgender member
switching to a new part.

Praise God with the choir member
who comes late,
leaves early and doesn’t believe in God,
the choir member whose voice
is not what it used to be,
and with …

Praise God with the Dolly-Parton-Queen-Latifah jokes,
and they-forgot-to-serve-us-communion,
Pastor didn’t turn-around-for-my-prayer-concern hurts.

Praise God with the massed choir at the big event,
and the soloist who sets down her sheet music
(the Sunday after the big church fight)
and sings “Balm in Gilead,”
… and the accompanist who goes with her.

Let everyone who has breath praise God.
Let everyone who has breath make music to praise God.

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