All Saints and All Souls — 1

As we turn our thoughts to All Saints and All Souls Day, I share a funeral blessing which may be used for anyone. It was written by Beverley Osborne of Aotearoa (New Zealand) that will be in included in the forthcoming book from Pilgrim Press — From Psalms to Twitter: Prayers for a Digital Age. (Mankin and Tirabassi)

Next is the tender poem, written by Lance Muteyo of Zimbabwe for his brother Taurai, who died in a traffic accident a few days before Lance and Christine’s wedding. A letter from God … many of those whom we miss feel like truly holy correspondence.

Funeral Blessing

Dear  (   )  may the glory of the skies surround you and the light of sunlit waters be upon you. May the chuckle of laughing waves give joy to your journeying, the song of the tui accompany you and the strong wings of seabirds fly you into the freedom of eternal love.

And for those of us who are still earthbound, may the vitality of the fern be in our words and our ways, may the beauty of the earth renew our spirits and may the tenderness of a new dawn bring us peace. Amen

Beverley Osborn

A letter

My dearest brother!
I left my mum’s back for you,
and you shared mama’s back with Tsitsi your  twin sister.
and you both left mama’s breast for Tatenda.
When I look back I cannot believe you are gone.
I shall dearly miss you.

You were a letter that the  Lord posted to us.
We read it for twenty seven years.
It was a letter with full stops, punctuation  marks, paragraphs,
Comas, capital and small letters, question marks and exclamation marks.
The letter made us cry, laugh, grieve and sometimes ashamed.
But it was the only  letter that the Lord sent to us.

This letter was unique and long
Maybe worth billions of seconds,
Millions of minutes
Thousands of hours
I read this letter for twenty seven years
Maybe some of you read it for ten years or one year or one day
But it was such an honour to have read it.

Lord, you posted Taurai  Muteyo to our address on earth
Today after twenty seven years you have sent your loyal postman
To post that same letter to another permanent address
Thank you Lord,
For giving us this beautiful letter to read.

In loving memory of my brother Taurai Muteyo 22April 1985- 26 August 2012 who passed away on a Road Traffic Accident.

Lancelot Muteyo

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