One of so many prayers from Hurricane Sandy

God, you speak from the siren
of first responders
and not the whirlwind.
You climb poles high as crosses
in the rain to string the line
and do not surge salt into subway tunnels
or ignite the Rockaways.

Give to the stranded — patience,
to the caregivers – stamina.

Give bars to those of us
with stupid phones
who cannot reach the ones we love,
guidance to superintendents of schools,
a trick of sleeping on their feet
to workers in emergency rooms
far from their own beds.

Turn neighbors into saints.
Comfort those who mourn —
lives lost, broken businesses,
flown-away roofs.
And light, even today,
a smile broad as a pumpkin,
in all the  parents
of small and costumed wanderers.

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1 Response to One of so many prayers from Hurricane Sandy

  1. celestem579 says:

    Beautiful, Maren. Such a wonderful outlet for our present concerns, and praying from a distance. Thank you! Bless you. Celeste

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