Sending Forth and Benediction for the Road, El Camino

Sometimes in the publishing of books there are some losses. Because Gifts in Open Hands was a book primarily for an English-speaking readership, when there was a need of space some of the other languages were eliminated. I have always missed the Spanish for this Commission and Benediction for the road by Gerardo Oberman of Argentina.

Envío y bendición / Benediction and Sending Forth

Camino rural Argentina

Te entregamos nuestra vida, Dios de Amor.
Envíanos a servirte, donde tu amor necesita ser conocido.
Te abrimos nuestro corazón, Espíritu de Vida.
Llévanos donde la vida
necesita ser anunciada,
recreada y compartida.
Te ofrecemos, Dios del camino, nuestros pies y nuestras manos.

let us journey …

Condúcenos por veredas nuevas,
maduras de esperanza,
llenas de sueños y visiones,
a disfrutar la compañía
y el encuentro con otros y otras.
Te pedimos, Dios de Amor, de Vida y de senderos nuevos,
que nos sostengas con tu bendición,
que nos renueves con tus fuerzas,
que nos animes con tu presencia
y que nos abraces con tu gracia,
hoy y cada día, por siempre. Amén.

We dedicate our lives, God of Love
Send us to serve you, where your love needs to be known.
We open our hearts, Spirit of Life.
Take us where life needs to be announced, recreated and shared.
We offer to you, God of the way, the Camino,
our feet and ours hands.
Lead us to new paths, hope mature,


full of dreams and visions,
that we may enjoy the company
and the encounter with others.
We pray, God of Love, Life and new trails,
that you sustain us with your blessing,
and renew us with your strength,
that you encourage us with your presence
and embrace us with your grace,
today and every day, forever. Amen.

Gerardo Oberman, Argentina

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