Words of thanks from Mexico and from China

Words of thanks from a resident at Casa San José de los Huérfanos (Orphans), Colima, México

Señor  yo te quiero dar gracias por ser cariñosa, bondadosa, afortunada porque puedo sentir, soñar, comer, reír, querer, escribir, dormir, hablar, escuchar, comprender, entender, pensar, estudiar, participar, jugar, correr, bañarme, vestirme, ponerme mi ropa, pararme, caminar porque puedo ir al baño, tender mi ropa, hacer aseos, tareas, caminar, porque puedo crear enseñar, aprender, compartir, también  por todos los valores que tenemos como la amistad, el trabajo la confianza, la honestidad, el respeto, la familia, el patriotismo a mi bandera y bueno  a Dios por todo aquello que me hizo falta y por lo que me sobra. “R”

Lord, I want to give you thanks for being caring, kind, happy because I can feel, dream, eat, laugh, desire, write, sleep, speak, listen, understand, hear, think, study, participate, play, run, bathe myself, dress myself, put on my own clothes, stand up, walk; because I can go to the bathroom, take care of my clothes, do my chores, my homework, walk; because I can create, teach, learn, share; also for all those values that we have like friendship, work, confidence, honesty, respect, family, patriotism and my flag, and goodness. Thanks be to God for all that I lack, and for that which I have more than enough of. “R”

Li Liya, a pastor in rural China wrote this prayer in thanksgiving for God’s love.

When I step on my way with the gospel
When I stretch my hand for sowing with tears
Oh! Lord, I am looking forward to
The heavenly sound shaking the earth,
The eternal hymn waking the universe

When I follow you with the eternal hope
When I sing with praise out of my chest
Oh! Lord, I am looking forward to
The lands sowed by your own hand
The souls saved in your grace.

I do not want to be fruitless
I do not waste your grace
I want even the smallest reward in the heavenly banquets.
Oh! Lord, help me to sow in humble

Help me to be faithful in trial.
Give me strength in patience
Oh! To fight for the gospel is my work

To sacrifice my life for the holy mission
Oh! Lord, please purify me as your golden wares.

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