December 15, 2012 A prayer for Newtown, Connecticut


God, now are all my carols quiet,
and there is only the sound of Rachel’s tears.

I pray for these children,
for whom there are already
gifts hidden they will not unwrap,
who will never grow so old
they can’t hear the Polar Express bell,

for their parents and friends,
sisters and brothers,
whose lives are forever changed,
for the adults who died
and those who loved them,

for teachers everywhere
ashamed to say how afraid they are,
for the boy in his illness
we gave guns like they were toys,

for all who are un-Christmased.

We refuse to be consoled, O God,
because they are no more.

Warn us in our dreams and wakings
to gather all holy children
and find for them a place of safety.

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9 Responses to December 15, 2012 A prayer for Newtown, Connecticut

  1. thank you for the beautiful poem in this heartbreaking time, Maren. Carolyn H

  2. Kristin Firth says:

    Thank you, Maren, for this. Because I have no articulate words. Only grief. This shooting tears open scabbed-over wounds in our small city of Chardon, Ohio, from last February 27’s shooting at my son’s high school. And we thought losing three high school students was horrible. I am stunned by yesterday’s loss.


    Kris FIrth 10654 Mitchells Mill Rd Chardon, OH 44024-9609

    n Dec 15, 2012,

    • Maren says:

      Oh, Kris, I am so sorry and I did not know about the shooting in Chardon. There are so many incidents that do not get picked up in the media because the numbers are not high or there are only injuries not fatalities. My prayers are with you as this brings up so much.I am not willing to “use” these deaths as a platform for change in gun control laws. That seems so manipulative. But it must be our next concern. Blessings, Maren

  3. carroll moore says:

    Thank you for this prayer that reminds us Christmas was not even at the beginning a place without pain and hurt. We unfortunately have to face this once again. The weeping of the mothers and fathers whose children died shortly after the birth of Jesus is the same terrible agony the parents whose children have died now experience.

  4. Gerardo Oberman says:

    What about NO MORE WEAPONS? That`s the biggest problem.


  5. celestem579 says:

    Thankyou, Maren. A special piece tying together what is so hard to compose. Celeste

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