Three Elephants

Shared from Todd Jenkins’ blog with great thanks.

Three Elephants

3 Elephants

Guns don’t kill people,
but people with untreated and
stigmatized mental illness in a
society that glorifies violence and infamy
who have easy access to powerful weapons will,
too often, use guns to kill many other people
in their final act of fear and frustration.

That puts three elephants in the room:
(1) mental illness stigmatized and swept under the rug;
(2) virtual and actual violence as the answer for everything;
(3) rarely-questioned levels of public access to weapons
designed specifically to extinguish multiple lives in an instant;
though the NRA has long held a Hogwarts-worthy
Invisibility Cloak over this third beast.

Any one of these three will crush
our culture if we continue to ignore it.
All three of them have clearly demonstrated
societal rogue-tendencies over and over.
Where is the pachyderm-whisperer
who can subdue these beasts so that
meaningful conversation and reform can begin?

© 2012 Todd Jenkins
First Presbyterian Church

Fayetteville, Tennessee

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