Epiphany Sunday — 1 Call to Worship from Canada

Richard Bott of Canada shares a call to worship for epiphany Sunday, January 6, that sends us East to the magi only to see ourselves in the mirror of Christ’s revelation. On Monday I will post a dedication litany from Indonesia in English and Bahasa Indonesia based on Matthew 2.

Epiphany Call to Worship

One:            Look to the East! What do you see?
All:            A wall.
One:            (shaking head)
Sometimes you’re just too literal!
Look through the wall. What do you see?
All:            Our communities – Maple Ridge, (or your town)
New Westminster, Vancouver –
children, women, men; living in this place.
One:            Look farther.
All:            Our country – provinces bound by land,
provinces bordered by water.
One:            Look farther!
All:            A great ocean.
People and places of all lands and races!
One:            Look farther!
If you look far enough, right around the globe, you see –
All:            Ourselves!
Christ’s people in this place,
gathered to worship God.
One:           All of creation –  the high mountains, the deep waters –  and beyond,
joyfully singing, as Epiphany fills our lives.
All:            Joyfully singing, as God touches our souls.
One:          Joyfully singing –
All:            as we worship God!            Alleluia!

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