The star goes ahead of us

Tale as old as time …

The little girl who was the Bethlehem star
in our Christmas pageant
two years ago
who led the magi on their wandering,
bright in her Belle dress
from Beauty and the Beast,
and then was held high by her mother
over the manger where the Christ-child lay —
has been deported.

There are so many modern Herods,
and the centurions of ICE
break down the doors of children still,
while there is
a rareness in traveling of wisdoms.

Journey well, little girl whom I baptized,
and please remember —
wherever your mother holds you,
there the Christ child is.

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5 Responses to The star goes ahead of us

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for this poem.

  2. dabar96 says:

    We do not like exploring the proliferation of our connections to the family tree of Herod, but the fruit is unmistakeable.

  3. Erice Fairbrother says:

    Thank you – this has made me sit awhile. It is very telling – and o the hope that lies in baptism that lingers like an everlasting call to prayer forever linking, holding, never to be let go


    • Maren says:

      Do hold her in your prayers that she may be safe in Indonesia, closer to you than she may ever be again to me, — her names, not surname, Thessalonika Keiko.

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