Poem and Benediction for the Epiphany Season from Aotearoa / New Zealand

Erice Fairbrother, one of the writers of Gifts in Open Hands from Aotearoa sends a meditation in poem form and a benediction for Epiphany.

When time has gone

When time has gone
And christians find an honest voice
To sing an honest song
travellers will come again
Guided not by far off signs
but by heart-strong beats
and feet firm-treading ways
more simply laid
then wise travellers
will not leave by night
but find beyond their starry pantheons
true rest, a place to stay
tables spread with every kind of nourishment
of stories shared like wine and bread
blessings of peace given and received
in life’s sweet kiss
of open hospitality
(c) Erice Fairbrother 2012

Let the wonder
Of Epiphany be;

Less of God
Less of me

And more of thee

Erice sends a note in regards to this benediction that “in Celtic incarnational theology – the ‘thee’ is finding God in the other not in an out-there Otherness kind of God.”

In this time of Epiphany the revelation of Incarnation not only magi-many-years-ago but now in neighbor and stranger.

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7 Responses to Poem and Benediction for the Epiphany Season from Aotearoa / New Zealand

  1. Mark Rideout says:

    Finally an opportunity to say “thank-you” for the engagingly different voices of faith through Advent, Christmas and now Epiphany. I’ve been stirred personally, and have found in this wonderful feast, nourishment for my spirit, and a challenge to new engagement for the people of God in my/our corner of the world.
    ~Mark Rideout

  2. Maren says:

    You are very welcome and it has been fun to nudge some of the contributors to the original book to share new pieces!

  3. Lynne Frith says:

    This beautiful poem from Erice is just what I need for Sunday. Thanks

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  5. Jenny Dawson says:

    Lovely poems – thanks Erice (and Maren for making them available).

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