Transfiguration Liturgy

Kenneth C. Wells of the United States has these wonderful resources for Transfiguration included in the anthology Before the Amen — Creative Resources for Worship (Tirabassi and Tirabassi, Pilgrim Press, 2007).

Opening Prayer

Every morning we climb from our slumber
and head into our closets to begin the transformation –
sometimes stockings and heels or ties and jacket.
We hide ourselves in the fabric of this world
through white lies and clenched smiles.
We “make nice” and “get by”
and at the end of the day we come here to you.

We cast our cares upon you.
We share our burdens with each other
and strip away our callous, outer selves
knowing you see through our dim disguises.
Our hearts and souls lay bare before you, God.
Manifest your presence here.

Let our voice be heard in the silence of our spirits
and the roaring in our ears.
Let your acceptance and forgiveness waft over us like a warm breeze,
your calm and comfort envelope and cradle us,
your love fill us with joy so that our smiles shine bright,
your light gleam in our eyes that others may see you
in our hearts and in our actions.

Prayer in the Midst of the Service

God of the Mountaintops,
from up here you can see forever –
down onto fluffy white clouds,
down further to the patchwork fields below.
the air is so crisp and clean, a little thin …
Is that part of my giddiness?

I love you, Jesus!
When I am up here with you, everything is perfect.
When I am up here with a new friend, or a longtime love,
everything else is so far away it doesn’t matter.

But you are not just up here –
You are God of the Plains and God of the Valleys,
God of the Every Day.
You are still God when friends betray, careers collapse
when temptations’ snares have me struggling
and I feel that I am below the bottom.
Help me realize you were there and
you carry me though, bringing me back
to the here and now.

Closing Prayer (form a circle)

God, you called Moses to lead your people out of slavery, and a bush glowed.
Spirit, you called Elijah home, and the chariot glowed.
Jesus, you brought Peter, James and John up the mountain, and you glowed.
Glow through us, as we go through our valleys
that others may see you and find the way. Amen

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