Prayer for the Boy Scouts (United States)

This is clearly a prayer for the United States, where the Boy Scouts have been more narrow in their membership, not permitting young women to be members as in the case in many parallel organizations from the same source around the world. In 2000 the Boy Scouts of America decided publicly to deny membership to boys and young men who are same-gender loving in their sexual orientation, taking their case to the Supreme Court. This has created an outcry of distress from many current and former members and from sponsoring organizations including faith communities. On Monday the organization is revisiting this decision and hopefully will rescind the earlier intolerant judgment. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer for the Boy Scouts

God, you have all kinds of packs –
like disciples,
pods of whales, prides of lions,
flocks and families,
sweet and foolish churches,
and my long ago pack of wolf cubs,
all in the third grade,
when I was the den mother.

You were there with us
for patches and pinewood derbies,
leaking tents,
my failure with the compass,
chocolate bar fundraisers,
camp fire smiles and shivers.

Bless them now – all grown men,
wherever they are,
that they may still pledge
on their honor to do their very best
to help other people,
love you, stay physically strong,
and mentally awake –
(even without the ghost stories) …

and on their honor
still pledge to do their best
to be morally true to themselves –
some of them straight, some gay.

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