Ash Wednesday Prayer from Argentina

This prayer for Ash Wednesday is the United Congregation de Buen Pastor in Argentina. The translation is by Katie Fiegenbaum.

Señor, un día cayó agua sobre esta frente,
que hoy lleva el sello de la ceniza…
Era el agua del bautismo,
que nos reconciliaba contigo.
No se ha secado del todo, pero se ha enturbiado,
con el polvo del camino.

Hoy, en este miércoles de ceniza,
vengo a Ti. A ti Señor,
que eres manantial de “agua viva”.
Reconozco mis faltas,
hice lo que es malo a tus ojos.
Pero tú Señor, sólo tú eres mi Dios.
Me buscas, me esperas,
me comprendes, me recibes.
Con mi fragilidad a cuestas,
no dejo de marchar hacia Ti.

Confío en Ti.
Un día tu mano acariciará mi frente,
curarás todas mis llagas,
y tu rostro brillará sobre mí.

Lord, one day water fell on this forehead,
that today bears the seal of the ash…
It was the water of baptism,
that reconciled us with you.
It has not yet dried completely, but has clouded,
with the dust of the road.

Today, on this Ash Wednesday,
I come to You. To you, Lord,
you are the source of “living water.”
I admit my faults,
I did what is bad in your sight.
You seek me, you wait for me,
you understand me, you welcome me,
with my fragility in tow,
I keep marching toward You.

I trust in You.
One day your hand will caress my forehead,
you will heal all of my wounds,
and your face will shine on me.

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