Another transfiguration perspective

Another transfiguration perspective

The insiders grab pitons and crampons,
some spiritual version of gear,
and start to climb,
but the boys back at base camp

see only a flash of pyrotechnics,
faintly hear a man with no sense of rhythm
playing a tambourine
(Miriam tried)
and a baritone mumbling away at
swing low sweet chariot,

but the voice their hearts
are aching for …
the wind just blows away,

while they greet
an endless rumpled multitude of needers
“your healing is important to us,
please stay in the line…”

And, even after the shiners and shriners
return with their precious secrets,

Jude and Thad, Tom, Nate, Andy
and the others
are already the saints of the left-out –

second January baby,
only fourth grader
without a  birthday invitation,
girl stood-up to the senior prom,
runner-up for the new job,
ex-spouse who does not get married again,
all-aloner at coffee hour –

“Never mind the rehearsal,”
they tell us,
“in the end, it’s one hill fits all.”

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2 Responses to Another transfiguration perspective

  1. Wonderful words, Maren. Thanks for them . . .

  2. Maren says:

    Ah, personal — after all I was stood up for my senior prom.

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