The Story of the Prodigal — 1

“Part of the task of Pacific Rim theology is redefining who we are, and what we believe,
as opposed to what was handed down to us from afar, ” Janet Marsh, who writes from the Kiwi perspective from Aotearoa.

Blessing the Prodigal  Luke 15: 11-32

Then he laid his hands upon me
and with grief he let me go.
There was no turning back to spurn
the twins of envy and hatred
clenched in my brother’s fists.

What freedom! To live and love
with generosity of golden hands.

I freely gave and gave and gave,
until my purse was emptied
and my hands laid bare.

From parties to pigs –
my hands grasped husks
a sorry saga best left untold…

Till all that was left in my palms
was the DNA of love.
It was a long walk home.

Then he laid his hands upon me
and he would not let me go.

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