Easter Sunrise Service from England

Michele Jarmany URC Minister at Clitheroe, Barrow and Newton, England writes of this Easter Sunrise Service:
This is part of a short service Easter morning sunrise over Waddington Fell in the Trough of Bowland, Lancashire.It was a clear blue sky with just a whisper of cloud on the eastern horizon.The grass was covered in a thin film of silvery ice and there was no sound.It was six fifteen in the morning as sixteen of us gathered to welcome the risen Christ.

We wait
we wait ..

Time creeps onward..
The long night is nearly over..
No sound disturbs the waiting dawn.
Will it ever end?

we wait…..

Without warning
The gold of resurrection
quietly seeps over the horizon
gently melting away the black and grey
transforming the icy cold,
as rays of light
start to invade our world
revealing a tapestry of colour,
flooding the world with a warm glow,
pulsating with your life blood,
breathing eternal life
into all creation.

Christ is risen!

John 1.1-5

May God Bless us in this New Day,
the love of the cosmic Christ fill our hearts
and the wind of God’s Spirit
guide us into eternal life.

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