Easter resources from Aotearoa, Australia, Jerusalem

Some resources for Easter services …

Opening Prayer               Australia

Risen Christ,
You walk through this earth
using the feet of very imperfect disciples;
may every race and generation
take time to
look up and see you,
draw nearer, listen and worship,
and turn to follow you. Amen.

Two Poems — from “A Fine and Beautiful Thing” by Lynne Frith of Aotearoa


There was I, feet cold,
face old with grief,
stealing through a garden
like a body thief at dawn,
shoulders forlorn with failure yet again.

Early gardeners, looking, would not see
the pain locked in my heart.
You must have seen me start,
surprised to meet another on the path.
Enclosed in death I could not speak,
and would not firstly meet your eyes.

Surprised to hear your voice,
I shrank in fear.
You gently spoke my name,
and recognition overcame my qualms.
the oil, where is the oil?

But you were gone,
eluding outstretched arms.


They’ve taken my lover away.

I came this day with precious oils
to soothe his broken skin.
I came to say my last farewells,
to soothe my broken-ness with words
of love and grief.

He was not there.
Some thief had snatched the shell
of my dear love.

Tears — he knew those bitter, loving tears —
and grief swept tangled hair,
with which I wiped his feet.

Litany of Prayer          World Council of Churches

Let us pray for the whole world,
for which Jesus lived and die and rose again.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
Let us pray that this Easter may be a time of reconciliation
for all who are estranged or at enmity with each other.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
Let us pray for all who live in fear and doubt,
that they may be comforted.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
Let us pray for growing unity between all churches.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer.
Let us pray that by your words and in our lives
we may be pointers to your loving presence in the world.
Risen Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.

Benediction                         Jerusalem

May the love of the cross

the power of the resurrection

and the presence of the living Lord,

be with you always.

and the blessing of the eternal God,

Creator and Sustainer,

Risen Lord and Savior,

Giver of holiness and love

be upon you now and forevermore.


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