Improv on Psalm 23 for Good Shepherd Sunday, 2013

You, O Shepherd, are my first responder,
in disaster I am not alone.
You make me lie down on a gurney.
A sip of water,
and an IV in my arm refresh me.
With defibrillator and CPR
you restore my soul.

Your path is always into the Copley explosion
the Sandy-submerged home.
You lead those who rescue me.

Even though I skid off black-iced roads,
there are jaws of life.
At the house fire, your pumper truck
and a teddy bear for my child –
they comfort me.

You prepare a roster of those who care.
I may not know their names, but I trust them.
They are anointed with compassion,
and my hope overflows.

Surely a tourniquet and a prayer
will come to me
in the traumas of my life,
and dignity beyond flashing lights
carry me to your house of love
forever. amen.

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2 Responses to Improv on Psalm 23 for Good Shepherd Sunday, 2013

  1. A gritty, challenging wording of what it means to be shepherded through the valley of death. Not pretty, as in fact the Psalm is not, though we don’t often want to hear the grit in it. It fits the journey of this week, which has been a road I fervently wish we had not taken, and an unforgettable ride from which no one’s attention could waver. And ‘forever’ has changed because of this, and lives have been forever changed because of this. A bittersweet gift, survival. Thanks, Maren.

  2. Todd Jenkins says:

    Thank you, Maren, for the gift of imaginative hope whose candle refuses to be quenched, even in times such as these!

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