A Pentecost of Words

 As we move into the week before Pentecost, I am sharing lines from prayers from the book Gifts in Open Hands which has been shaping this blog since last Pentecost. The invitation is for each of you reading to gaze across these global words and find one line that touches you. Use it for your prayer today or write your own prayer that includes these words themselves or the gift that you received from them.

Shared Words …

Oh! Lord, please purify me as your golden wares. China

May the chuckle of little waves encourage you in joy. Aotearoa / New Zealand

If this street, if this street were mine, I would order Mrs. Hunger to go for a walk. Brazil

Grant blessings, O God, widen my paths Turkey

You raised the mountains of Africa and spread out the valleys below.
You fill them with zebra and elephant, impala and giraffe.
You make the rivers flow, full of fish, hippo and crocodile. Zimbabwe
Waves pulse the shore dancing to the tune of your perfect time. Chile

The floor of my heart has been tiled with sadness. Lithuania

All around us Omizakamigokwe (Mother Earth) sings her summer song of activity. Our four-legged brothers and sisters are bring forth their oshki-ayaansag (literally “new ones”, figuratively “newly born”). They venture from their burrows and lairs under the watchful eyes of their parents, with so many teachings yet to learn, and yet so much playfulness in their learning. Even the way wabooz (rabbit) mirthfully hops through the tall grass reminds us that it is good to celebrate this day. Canada, Easter First Nations

Spirit of Love, who sees the brutality and mutilation that have become daily realities for the Congolese women, bring healing to their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. Democratic Republic of the Congo

There are many things among our treasures. This we can do — Christ is still looking for our hands to work. Qatar

When we learn that the salmon have disappeared from the rivers, we cry: Oh, God, what have we done? Canada British Columbia

Fill our hearts with your compassion; open our eyes to your presence in the world; enlarge our minds to understand your will. Take our hands and minister through them. Ecumenical Prayer in Jerusalem in English, Swedish, Hebrew and Arabic

Lord, it is Christmas, and I have traced my way to a manger by the light of a beam from a tear drop, of a new born child crying for love, India

O Baby Jesus: the failure and the success that come and go are the incense that smelled beautiful in my life. With this incense I give my thanks to you, O Lord! Indonesia

As this bread was harvested from different fields, brought together, grained, baked as one loaf, so bring all of us together at your wedding in your kingdom. Maranatha. Republic of Georgia

God of compassion, we thank you that with all our diverse traditions we belong to your people. We are glad that you have led us from defensive separation to a reconciled community. Germany
We are the people of God scattered throughout the city and, perhaps, broken to give nourishment to others. South Africa

Bendición ternura de Madre
Que el Dios de la Vida,
sea tu guía en el camino de cada día,
sea tu refugio en momentos de inseguridad
y sea tu descanso en tiempos de fatiga.
Que el Dios de la Vida,
te fortalezca cuando te sientas débil,
te consuele cuando estés triste
y te abrace cuando te sientas sola.
Que el Dios de la Vida,
que te quiere y te conoce,
te cubra con su ternura de Madre.
Por siempre.  Amén. Argentina

Benediction of a mother’s tenderness
May the God of Life,
be your guide on the road every day,
be your refuge in times of uncertainty
and be your rest in times of fatigue.
May the God of Life,
strengthen you when you feel weak,
comfort you when you feel sad
and hug you when you feel alone.
May the God of Life,
who loves you and knows you,
cover you with the tenderness of a Mother.
Forever.  Amen.  Argentina

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