A Prayer for Simple Pleasures from Aotearoa

Rosalie Sugrue wrote this wonderful poem as a response to last Saturday’s Prayer for Play.
I live on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand (west side lower North Island). The most dominant feature in a lovely landscape is a magnificent island, (2 km by 10 km) called Kapiti, that rises in a series of ridges to a height of 521 m. Many people throughout the Wellington District move to the Kapiti Coast to retire, hence my prayer…

A Prayer for Simple Pleasures

God, let me never be too careworn not to giggle
to wriggle my toes and tickle my soul.

May I not be too overwrought,
or grounded in responsibility
to notice the blue of the sky
and to see fluffy hippopotomai
puffing after billowing white snails.

May I never be too tired to kick off my shoes
and squeal as the sea ices my toes with wet foam.

May my eyes ever delight in the bush clad shapes
that rise as hills to the east and an island to the west.

May Kapiti Island always rise on my horizons
majestic as a galleon under full sail
a splendid spectacle rigged for adventure.

May I soar in imagination as a gull
catch the updrafts and glide free
unfettered by care, over the sparkling sea
over Kapiti’s zig-zagging peaks
towards the golden deep that holds the sinking sun

And back again to my life because
there are mysteries I do not need to explore
It is enough to catch the vision of life gilded
to know unexpected joys are everywhere.


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