Romans 8: 18-25 Taken … Slant

Time suffers – time folds and warps,
lags and weighs and bends
in the heart and in the galaxies,

and the creation is waiting and longing;
the creation is trying to pull itself up
by its ferns and eels
and aardvarks
out of the futility
of oil slick and extinction,
out of genetically modified
and globally warmed,

hoping maybe, maybe, maybe —
the children will grab hold of what
is not really a revelation
to a beetle —
you can’t just piss and poison it all.

And the creation has groaned
all these eons of sacred evolving
from a bondage
of stardust and muon,
through Higgs Boson in wild collision
and a decay of hadron and electron
into the Spirit stuff
of freedom and glory.

We, too, are groaning because
what we see of creation
seems to be our terrible undoing
of the world.

But hope seen is never really hope,
so underneath,
children and creation together
wait for a quantum of redemption

that was and is and will be
always enough.

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6 Responses to Romans 8: 18-25 Taken … Slant

  1. dabar96 says:

    Yes, holy groans that deliver hope!

  2. rezrevres says:

    Good Stuff Maren, and extremely topical given the news from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) earlier this week confirming the discovery was in fact the Higgs boson particle. Well Done!

  3. Cheryl Hoffman says:

    Thank you for this. Sometimes they just really resonate. This one does for me. My friend, Meg, is thinking about taking on the co-chair CROP position. I”ll let you know. I will still help with the CROP walk in other ways…. I’m just trying to share the jobs 🙂


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