Gifts in Open Hands — A Second Penteocst Year

For those who have been faithfully following this blog since it began last Pentecost, here is the “new About” — a re-commitment to a place for sharing liturgy and poetry and letters about faith with some new dimensions that have grown into the blog during the past year. Although born in the book I named Gifts in Open Hands, the commitment has moved away from the actual prayers included in the book while lifting up the work of these and other authors. If you would like to send material in please note the email address below and be mindful that these are not essays or sermons but briefer sharings.

Thank you for your reading and praying and many gifts! Maren

Welcome to Gifts in Open Hands – A Blog for a Pentecost Year

Two years ago, on Pentecost Kathy Wonson Eddy and I published the anthology Gifts in Open Hands – More Worship Resources for the Global Community (Pilgrim Press). A year ago I began a blog to highlight prayers, poems and liturgical resources from that book and invited the one hundred and forty-seven contributors representing forty-three countries to share new work. Some were in English; many more were in other languages.

During the 2012-2013 year I began to share weekly an original piece, usually a prayer that responded to contemporary events. Some of these were happy events – the 2012 Olympics, which celebrated the world, for example. It was also a year with many tragedies.

With Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013, I begin again. Pentecost is a day for fresh wind, bright fire and new language that share a common story with many.

I will be posting three times a week. On Monday I will share liturgical resources that may be used in a worshiping community on the following Sunday. Some of these will come from “Luke for Sharing – A Community Resource,” a collaborative project of forty-four contributors who reflected in various ways on the gospel readings of the Revised Common Lectionary for the Sundays between June and November. On Thursday I will continue to post specifically from a global perspective and on a third occasion (often Saturday) I will post my prayer or poetry that responds to current affairs, improvs on scripture or plays with the Spirit.

Some of you may want to contribute to this blog, willing to have others blessed by your words. An account to which you may send your submissions is If I am able to use your work, I will notify you by email after it is on the blog so that you can see it there. Please be aware that others will given permission to use your work as outlined here.

These are, indeed, gifts. Permission to copy these prayers, poems and worship resources is freely given for church bulletins, newsletters, congregational and educational use, and even personal blogs, as long as there is appropriate acknowledgement. There is no need to contact copyright holders. Adaptations with integrity by abridging, altering to express or include a local community concern, or gently re-writing to change the season of the year honor the original intention of these authors so that their work may continue to live and breathe.

Reprinting the resources in this blog in any other way, such as a book, a curriculum, or a workshop for which a fee is charged requires additional permissions of the copyright holders. I will put you in touch with the appropriate person. These are gifts to be honored and remembered, to be used for your spiritual growth and to enrich communities of faith of which you are a part.

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6 Responses to Gifts in Open Hands — A Second Penteocst Year

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    As I see it, good gifts fall into three categories – either beautiful, useful or meaningful – to achieve all three is a blessing of trinitarian significance. Thank you Meren.

  2. Here in Canada we’re celebrating “Victoria Day” (an antiquated custom that demonstrates deep colonial roots) nonetheless an opportunity to relax a little before the bedlam of the AGM next weekend. It was then with trepidation that I opened my e-mail this morning, but my persistence was well rewarded in your announcement Maren, that there would be a second Pentecost Year edition. As someone who’s been privileged to play a very minor role in last year’s edition, I look forward with keen anticipation to the new contributions from new authors this year, I don’t know where you find all of the time and energy Maren, to undertake all of this work, but the world of liturgy has certainly been blessed because you do. Thank you. Chii-Miigwech.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you, Matthew, in fat I am counting on you to send me more! and am planning on using your prayer next week! Enjoy Victoria Day!

  3. Gail Orlando says:

    Happy One Year Anniversary! I love reading the emails. I miss some now and then, but read most of them. Thank you for sending these and for doing this Maren.

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