Will You let me Be Your Teacher?

An homage to Richard Gillard for his amazing hymn “Will You Let Me Be Your Servant” sung not too long ago at my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding, and in gratitude for Christian educators whom I have met over the years, this poem … which can be sung:

Will you let me be your teacher – let me talk of Christ to you?
Pray that I may have the grace to – let you be my teacher, too.

We are younger, we are older … some are adults, girls and boys –
we all need a hand, a shoulder – time with prayer and time with toys!

When we read the Bible stories — someone needs to make them clear.
Fix the costumes, find the crayons … help us see and feel and hear.

Will you learn to be a teacher – share your faith and smile your smile?
For a decade or a season — Make the diff’rence for one child.

Not wanting to put any kids up on line, here I am being foolish for them,

Not wanting to put any kids’ pictures up on line, here I am being Easter foolish with them!

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2 Responses to Will You let me Be Your Teacher?

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Lovely Maren! As an ex-primary school teacher, Sunday School teacher, Bible Class Leader, and current remedial reading tutor, I know how it is possible to make a difference for individual children. The servant song is well known in NZ. I have forwarded your words to the woman who facilitates our national Methodist children’s programme ‘Kids Loving Church’. Thank you.

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