Two Prayers for Disability Sunday — New Zealand, today

Rosalie Sugrue sends on these prayers just now for Access Sunday or Sunday for people with disabilities. If you celebrate this focus in October or December you may want to book mark them for that time or simply bring them to church today to be globally connected. Thank you, Rosalie.

(Disability Sunday in NZ – 3rd Sunday in June

UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities 3rd of December) 

A Prayer of approach
God of pain and God of peace, Mother and Father of us all,
Created in your image we inherited what makes us human,
The ability to think, communicate, reflect, record and create.
These gifts are precious and we give you thanks.
Though we have gifts in common, we are not all alike,
Each of us is a different individual, unique and special,
We come before you rejoicing in difference.
We come before you knowing each child is given a different blend
of gifts and experiences, that shape, and keep shaping the adult.
Every person in your world is differently abled,
Every person in your world is differently disabled
Help each of use what we can to enhance our lives and your world.  Amen

God of the Cracks

God of Vision and New Possibilities
open our hearts and minds to the reality of your presence.
God of Light illuminate the dark places of our lives.
We are not perfect people.
Come through the cracks of our imperfections and fill us with your light.

We pray for all marginalised people.
Those who suffer discrimination because of:
gender, sexual orientation, race, impairment, or creed.
Give them strength and belief in their worth.
We pray for those active in discrimination
and for those who allow it to happen.
May they know what they do.
May they understand the hurts they cause.

And now we pause to consider and name,

for in naming there is empowerment…

We gather our thoughts in this sacred place
Knowing that you have heard each sincere desire.
We long for a time when all people are valued.

May our unconditional love flow from us to others
May it swirl and curl through this year
embracing all who seek a better life. Amen

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