Improv on Psalm 150, from the music of IT

Praise God on every platform!
Praise God with the teen’s newest app
and the grandmother’s desktop monitor!
Praise God in the Cloud!

Praise God whose search knows
anyone who is running away from life.
Praise God whose browser
retrieves every doubter’s prayer.

Praise God with the trumpet of social media!
Praise God with LinkedIn and Foursquare,
for we are connected and found.
Praise God with creativity on Tumblr
and toddler pictures on Face book,
with the playlist of Pandora,
and the thought-post of WordPress.
Praise God with the tambourines of Twitter,
tasty-Pinterest, wikipedancing.

Praise God with arts on YouTube
from garage band garage or concert hall,
from church camp and refugee camp!
Praise God with flash-mobbing YouTube and Vimeo.

Let everything that has code – Praise God.

Praise God. Send.



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4 Responses to Improv on Psalm 150, from the music of IT

  1. Bravo! Huzzahs! I love this!!!! If I were leading worship now, I’d have it in the bulletin for the whole congregation to say and revel in. Hope you reprint this for us a few times a year. I know you always give us new ones, but this one needs to come back around –

  2. dabar96 says:

    Excellent! A true offering of hope to balance my recent posting of “Obsession”.



    iPhone, therefore I am… NOT!

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