Prayer for Rain from Zimbabwe

Lancelot Muteyo shares a prayer for Zimbabwe — let us, in all the world, pray for rain, using his words and our own.

A prayer for rain0

You who are in the tranquil winds!
We are all gathered for you in our day.
Children are howling
Livestock have perished
Crops have become dried vegetables
Ashes indeed!
Shall we hunger whilst you are here Our Creator!
Shall you not remember us Great one!
What transgression have we committed?
We are humans we err
Can’t we pacify you our Creator?
Mistakes are part of the human race
Just say what you want oh God, we will compensate you
We have suffered enough!
Your wail is painful
Have clemency on your children oh  Lord!
Feel pity for your children
And drop your spit of compassion
Spit of love
Spit which animals and birds of the air celebrate.
Sacred spit !
Your saliva of life
Please heed and answer us
King of Kings!
You are more than  Alpha!
Because you were there before the beginning
You are more than  Omega!
Because  you will be there after the end.
Remember us God, we love you!
Here is the bowl of communion wine prepared for you
We say, “Have utmost mercy”!
Drink our Lord and extinguish your thirsty!
Maybe you may feel at ease
So that you can drop your tears of warmth
We celebrate when we share communion bowls with you
Our creator!
We are seated here under this shade of your acacia tree
The shade that is so cool to us who are sun scorched
As we dance to the drumming beats in  praise songs
Fellowshipping as we discuss our endeavours
We are gathered here my Lord under this tree!

Lance’s statement about these photographs:

I have pasted two photos; one of  the giant baobab tree surrounded by several acacia trees. The baobab tree is biggest tree in Sub Saharan Africa. It is found in those parts where it is very hot. It is a drought resistant tree which is very strong. The acacia tree which I mentioned in the poem has similar properties also as it is a drought resistant tree with very thick thorns.  These trees depict  dry spells and are a sign that all is not well to the farmer. I took this photo in the western parts of Zimbabwe in a rural area called Sanyati. I had gone there to train cotton farmers on non violence conflict transformation initiatives as exemplified by Jesus.  These areas are so dry that they only grow drought resistant crops like cotton, sorghum and groundnuts and rear livestock like cattle. It was in this remote village that I saw them whole village led by Chief Wozhele engaged in a rain prayer under the tree.

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3 Responses to Prayer for Rain from Zimbabwe

  1. I love the image of the sacred spit! The image of God spitting! The image of the whole village, so very small, one car and one bicycle bringing them together under the tree where they bow their heads and pray for God to spit on them. May the forces that move tides and jet streams, patterns of weather and rain, respond to these prayerful people. May there be many showers in Zimbabwe.

  2. Lance says:

    @ Nancy, you made me laugh with humor. Yes, we see God’s rain as the Lord’s saliva. It is amazing how we share the same concept differently. Actually you do not find a car this side of the village,it was my car that I had gone with and the bicycle belonged to the chief but all the same the level of faith was and is amazing. Thanks for the comments.

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