Psalm from Aotearoa /New Zealand for Bible Sunday

Rosalie Sugrue writes from New Zealand where Bible Sunday is coming up on July 21. Other celebrations of Bible Sunday include England and Wales on October 28 and in the United States and Canada on November 24:

3rd Sunday in July is celebrated as ‘Bible Sunday’ in NZ. The Holy Bible has always fascinated me – from its wealth of stories heard as a child, issues of faith and justice to debate in youth, wisdoms to modify in maturity, and always more insights to discover and ponder. I was intrigued to discover some years ago that several passages in the Hebrew Scriptures are acrostic in style, with consecutive verses beginning with a different letter of Hebrew in alphabetical order. To honour Bible Sunday I had a go at writing an English psalm in this style…

An Acrostic Meditation
(Inspired by Psalm 111, an acrostic psalm in Hebrew)

Awake to your potential
Be filled with the Holy spirit;
Come soul mates in the Lord
Delight in goodness,
Embrace the abundance
Found all around, for
God’s goodness is here,
Here in this small place and
In the vastness of all Creation.

Joy is ours, for
Kindness surrounds and
Love abounds.

May we live as God’s kin,
Never forgetting the
One who showed us how.

Pray with your heart,
Quiet your mind,
Reflect on Christ,
Stay strong in love,
Trust in truth,
Understand imperfection,
Validate life, seek
Wisdom from within, and
Xpand your soul to let the
Yeast of God’s goodness bring
Zest to those you encounter.

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