Benediction from Argentina — music available

The song “Benediction / Blessing” is part of the CD “Pathways to Discover”, recently published under the auspices of the Red Crearte by Gerardo Oberman. The music is available through Red Crearte (as PDF or the score in Finale 2012) which is a place you should visit because it is an amazing worship resource with contributors from throughout Latin America. You also can comment here or be in touch with me through and I will get the music to you.

I have used this wonderful blessing without music — with single voice, responsively or with paired voices — I used a quite young and quite old voice. Translating this piece is Union Church Madbury member Katie Fiegenbaum who has just returned from a semester in Argentina.


Que nos bendiga el Dios del cielo,
de los mares, de los vientos;
que nos bendiga el Dios del aire,
de los bosques, los desiertos.

Que nos bendiga el Dios que danza
solidario con su gente;
que nos bendiga en el camino,
nos anime_y nos aliente.

Que calme toda sed
y nos provea_el sustento,
nos tome_entre sus brazos
e_inspire nuestros sueños.
Que no falte su paz,
nos brinde vida plena,
que brille su justicia
hoy sobre nuestra tierra.

Que nos bendiga el Dios que sueña
con un mundo diferente.
Que nos bendiga el Dios del tiempo,
desde ahora y por siempre.
Amén. Amén.


Let us be blessed by the God
of the heavens,
of the seas, of the winds;
let us be blessed by the God of air,
of the forests, the deserts.

Let us be blessed by God who dances
in solidarity with the people;
May this God bless us on our path,
encourage us and nurture us.

May God calm all thirst,
provide all sustenance,
take us in the holy arms
and inspire our dreams.
May we be blessed with peace
that does not falter,
and may God give us full life,
as God’s justice shines
today on our earth.

Let God bless us with dreams
about a different world.
Let God bless us with time —
the time of now
and the time of forever.
Amen. Amen.

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One Response to Benediction from Argentina — music available

  1. Lovely, and lends itself so well to being said by everyone – this one’s terrific for Pentecost season.

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