Peace be upon Zimbabwe’s 2013 National Harmonised Elections.

Lancelot Muteyo invites us all to pray with Zimbabwe that there may be peace in the elections scheduled for July 31. Here is his prayer and he invites his friends from all the globe to pray with him!

Please say this Prayer with all of us in Zimbabwe.


Sons and daughters of the land of stones.
A land resident the gigantic Maso a Tunya.
The land of the VaDzimbahwe.
The land of our dear ancestors.
Who once received food from the sacred nameless tree.
We  salute our great forefathers.
Strong men of  virtue and faith.
We salute our great grandmothers.
Strong women whose wombs gave birth to the rich Zimbabwean culture.

A sacred land once resident myriads of wildlife.
A land surrounded by two great rivers.
The Zambezi and Limpopo rivers.

Why did they come to us?
Why, Why, Why?
To take thy people captive!
Why didn’t they go to the Japanese, Chinese or Indians.
Zimbabwe remove your chains of slavery.

Zimbabwe, house of stones.
Lets walk behind the shadow of Mbuya Nehanda
Who refused to be baptised before being hanged.
As an act of solidarity with blessed black roots.
Who wept for the sons and daughters of soil.
Lamenting that  my bones shall rise again.
Lets unite, all  Zimbabweans
Let us rise in devotion and define our own destiny.

We have been oppressed by external forces.
Unfortunately, we internalised the external oppression
And became worse than the oppressor himself.
Let black wisdom reign these national elections.
This is King Solomon’s long lost mines remember !
Pregnant with diamonds, emeralds, gold and chrome
Waiting to be birthed  to the sons and daughters of the soil.

Zimbabwe, you came through sacrificial blood.
Which watered the seeds of the revolution.
I say NO to violence.
I preach ubuntu, peace, love and harmony.
Sometimes it is always not easy to be born African
As life weighs down upon multitudes and multitudes of black Africans.
But, a man is never dead until you axe him

Let the 2013 election mean health for all.
Education for the uneducated
Empowerment for the youths
Social security for the aged
Emancipation for black sons and daughters
Ecological conservation for sustainability

Zimbabwe VOTE with me not for me.
Let us not vote for a monument
But for a movement that stands for human dignity
For human rights
For freedom of conscience
And may the Zimbabwean sun rise from Manicaland.
And the son of the Most High from heaven.

Savanna-grassland, Zimbabwe

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