Improv on the opening of John 14

Don’t let your hearts be troubled, your minds distracted,
your hands turn to fists, or your spirits wilt
for lack of music or art,
a walk on the shore, or a friend.

Believe in the impossible possible grace –
God once, God come in Jesus, God coming again.

God has a house with a footprint so holy,
a floor plan so extensive,
there is room for everyone,
and all the self-defined interior decorators
of all the religions of the world
cannot spoil the beauty of its proportions.

We try very hard to make reservations.

Many of us want to book the chapel,
but others only want to sit at a kitchen table
with grandmothers,
or find a bedroom and sleep weariness away.

One says, “take me to a balcony where
I can look once again at sunset over the ocean.
I promised to meet someone there.”

And another, “The conservatory –
I’ll see every flower that has become extinct,
and let the butterflies rest on me.”

“Is there a kennel? I want to find, well …
this Jack Russell loved me so much
it turned the sadness away.
(Or are all the dogs free ranging in heaven,
and only a few theologians live in crates
they built for themselves?)”

But back to the text …
“You say you’ll go and prepare a place,
but we don’t know the way.”

That was Thomas, speaking
for those of us with GPS for  soul.

Jesus answered originally …
“I am the way and the …”
but in the translation of my longing,
he stops, looks in our faces,
and simply says, “Come home.”

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5 Responses to Improv on the opening of John 14

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:


  2. Connie says:

    Come home indeed. Thank you Maren.

  3. Oh, this is one of your very best! I shall be using hunks of it in my own writing, with proper credit of course. How well it articulates the next several lessons in Luke. Thank you!!

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