Blessing for George Alexander Louis

 (Isaiah 11)

After the fanfare of the birth
after the announcement on the easel,
the much-televised sweetness
of Kate and William,
weary and wondering, gazing  at their son,
after the flurry of speculation about his impact
on British morale or economy,

this is a blessing,

just as it is a blessing for every newborn
who reminds us
the bundle in a receiving blanket
is all power and vulnerability.

In our time of many poison fangs,
may this nursing child play
patty cake
over the deep holes where dangers lurks
in sorrow, hunger, and war.

May this toddler,
happy to play with puppy or spider,
pull the red wagon and dress the doll
defying the adult games
of violence, injustice, and fear.

And in a world
full of wolf nations and lamb nations,
may it be such a child as this,

every child, every princess and prince,
who leads us to heal
the mountains of our history of hurt,
and claim the new and peaceful earth
full of knowledge
of the many names and faces of God
and hope that the waters
will not rise to cover the sea.

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4 Responses to Blessing for George Alexander Louis

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    A beautiful reminder that just as every child can carry the hopes of the Christ child, so every child deserves to be a couple’s prince or princess.

  2. This is lovely, and timely. This child will have a terribly long coming-of-age, since he has to wait for his grandfather and father to fall before he accedes to the throne. May he not lose his childhood capacity for hope, for imagination and wonder and trust, before he reaches the throne. May we, somehow, help him keep alive in the waiting time, much as we all struggle to do. May he find in his people, a blessing.

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