Liturgy for Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Mondays I am sharing liturgical writing focused on the Luke passages for each Sunday in the Revised Common Lectionary. This week’s scripture is Luke 13:10-17.  The first contributor this week is Carolyn Keilig of Hopkinton, New Hampshire who offers a Call to Worship and the second is Lynne Frith of Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa) who offers gathering words, children’s activity, prayers of the people and benediction. I conclude with a confession and assurance of grace for those whose worship includes those words.

Gift of Carolyn Keilig

Call to Worship
One: Come, all who are bent over with worries and anxieties,
for this sabbath is a day of rest.
All: We gather to be set free from those things which weigh us down.
One: Come, and in this time of worship have your burdens lifted and your spirits renewed.
All: We gather to praise our God who strengthens us when are weak.
One: Come, to know the One who cares for all of us, every day and every hour.
All: We gather rejoicing at the wonderful things God does in our midst.

Gift of  Lynne Frith

Come, all you whose burdens are heavy;
Come, all you who long for freedom,
Come, all you who struggle to stand tall.
Here may your heart beat steady and strong,
may your step be long and light,
may your eyes sparkle with life.
Come, together let us reach for the sky.

Activity with children (or entire congregation if time and space permit)
This could precede the gospel, or follow it as a lead in to the sermon or reflection

Invite children/people to walk around the worship space bent from the waist.

Then talk with them about what it felt like, what they noticed, what they could see, what happened when they came near another person.

Prayers of and for the people.
Let us hold in our hearts all those who are weighed down – by sorrow, past hurts, loneliness, resentment, responsibility, fear, poverty

May their burdens be eased.
And their lives made whole.

Let us hold in our hearts all those who are unable to stand tall – because of disease,  injury or addiction, self-doubt or failure, criticism or rejection,

May their burdens be eased
And their lives made whole

Let us hold in our hearts all those who are prevented from being their true self –by unjust workplace practices, by family patterns, by violence or threats of violence

May their burdens be eased
And their lives made whole

Let us hold in our hearts all those whose view of the world is limited by tradition, experience, mobility, place

May their burdens be eased
And their lives made whole

(add other petitions as appropriate for your community or situation)

Out into the world
You  who have been set free, release others
You who reach for the sky, hold out a steadying hand
You who can see over the horizon, share your vision

All you who entered these doors and now prepare to leave,
Walk with confidence, live in hope,  go in peace.

Prayer of Confession
God, I have spent a lot of time looking at my shoes, bent over by situations. Help me to look at the grass, the ladybugs. Help me wiggle my toes and watch for your approaching feet. God, I have ignored those near me who are bent over, especially if the curvature is a metaphor. I am too embarrassed to offer to help. Help me to invite them to joy and to God, as something and someOne I know. Amen

Assurance of Grace
God forgives us — traction, therapy and the score for a praisesong that’s a chorus rather than a solo.

Luke for Sharing – A Community Resource
A Collaboration of Forty-four Writers on the Scriptures from Luke
June – November, 2013
edited by Maren C. Tirabassi

All of these resources were given freely and they may be used in worship contexts. They may be adapted to fit your context. Please cite the original author when you reprint them or share them orally. For any other use please contact me so that I can put you directly in touch with that particular author.

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