Reflection on Luke 14: 28-32 for Syria

Pope Francis I, not my spiritual leader, but my spiritual brother, has called for today to be a day of prayer and fasting for Syria.  “War brings on war! Violence brings on violence.” he said. And so I looked at the lectionary text for tomorrow from Luke and this is what I see.

I would rather be tower-building,
sheltering the refugees
who pour out of Syria,
counting a cost in humanitarian aid
(cheaper than missiles)
and world consensus
against both chemical weapons
and missile strikes.

Estimate this —
on such foundation we build peace.

And what Obama,
which senator, representative,
going out to wage war against Assad
will not sit down first
and consider –

how other nations may respond …
what mothers are grieving
at harsh rebel hands …
which missile target gone awry
will kill children …
how many teenagers will rally
against the outsiders
forgetting wrongs already done …

and having considered,
turn and choose
the unexpected — a diplomacy of peace.

Syria has taken up her Via Dolorosa.

I hear the one whose disciple I would be,
“Follow me,
all you new simons of cyrene.”

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