Another day, another shooting …

When Carol Hallman of Salisbury, North Carolina, USA, read today’s headlines, she had to do something. Her poem reflects the thoughts of so many.

Another day
Another shooting

Chicago today
The Navy Yard DC
Newtown  Aurora  Oslo   Ft. Hood
Samson    Finland  Virginia Tech
Erfurt    Littleton   Dunblain   Tasmania
From close to far away
Every day

Has life truly lost meaning?
Have we forgotten how to feel?
Does nobody care?
That children and teens
Women and men
Parents and teachers
Military and business leaders
Die in our cities and towns

Is there nothing we can do?
We can’t talk about guns
Can’t take away those guns from nobody no how
Can’t register the guns no that takes away rights
Can’t talk about mental health and the need
For better care better reporting better evaluations

So we just zip up another body bag
And we cry and say how sad
And we wring our hands and say
We wish something could be done
And then we just go back to what we were doing
As if nothing happened

Another day
Another shooting

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2 Responses to Another day, another shooting …

  1. dabar96 says:

    Death has become our “business as usual”. So consumed are we with protecting individuals’ rights that there’s no one left to take responsibility.

  2. Her frustration is ours. I have to believe that all of this is working toward a new possibility for us. But when, oh, that is the question.

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