Reflection on Jeremiah 36

I am so jeremiahed –
letter after email,
phone call after petition …
and then I try an email again
the kind you just click
to be part of the prophecy of others –
but the computer knows me
from the first letter of my
first name
I have done this so often.

And so I send – not quite sermons
that would get me dropped
down a well,
but words cut on my heart

and the jehoiakims of my time,
legislators and CEO’s,
governors and presidents of both parties,
tell their jehudas
to feed each one to the brazier
and off they go,
paper or pixel,
smoke of my longing for justice,

and all I can do is trust
that the baruchs
of a younger generation
will write again
keeping scrolls of our hope alive.

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3 Responses to Reflection on Jeremiah 36

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Love your work, I’d use it tomorrow only I’m doing chp 32 – Jeremiah’s field-buying ‘practical parable’ contrasted with other teaching methods – there sure is more to Jerry than weeping!

  2. Wonderful words, so full of my own experience, and my weariness and plodding down days that are empty of hope, all of which has to have been part of Jeremiah’s experience. It is his raised and tattered banner that keeps me raising my head and looking, past the Tea Party and Sen Cruz, to a brighter day.

  3. denisjdunn says:

    “i am so jereminated…” great opening line– along with “to be part of the prophecy of others…” makes me thoughtful of the faux inspiration i get from facebook. thanks, denis

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